Sustainable Concept

360|Concept unites thinkers, strategists and innovators from a multitude of professions with the vision for a sustainable future.

Sustainable Communications Strategies

Guided by the firm belief that profitability and sustainability are not mutually exclusive, 360|Concept strives for maximum competitive advantage at minimum environmental cost.

By actively listening to what you need and adding the ingredients required for effective communications strategies, creative design solutions and productive customer dialogue, we guarantee your competitive edge.

Customized Solutions

Fusing this vast and diverse expertise, we deliver avant-garde solutions spearheading you to the top of your industry.

We guarantee maximum return on your communications invest.

Sustainable Concept


Since its founding in 2000, the HRCG – of which 360|Concept is an integral part - has followed a strategy that values providing customers with integrated solutions based on first rate market intelligence, consulting know-how and communications excellence.

Combining the best to deliver the best

The communications agency 360|Concept is the result of extensive organic growth in recent years and sees a further specialization in strategic, design and operational communications. The approach to meeting customer needs with integrated solutions is also practiced by 360|Concept.

Our solutions demonstrate that lateral thinking and creativity combined with research and consulting tools deliver optimum results.

The channels through which we network and communicate intersect with every link of the value chain. We build long-term relationships with thought leaders, industry players, sustainability advocates and political decision-makers.

On a grass-roots level, our network encompasses local business from various trades and backgrounds.


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